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Renovating your home: where to start

Considering renovating your house? This blog will give you a few top tips to help you along the way: from how we calculate costs to knowing what to expect once your renovation is underway. 

Every successful renovation we undertake is the result of expert planning and lots of great communication. Let us help you bring your vision to life and make sure your renovation is as stress-free as possible!

Why do a home renovation? 

Restructuring your property, or building a house from scratch is the ultimate way to make sure you have full control of the size and layout of your home.  Renovating your home is the best way to ensure you live in a beautiful space that you are proud of. You may already have a vision, or you may need some help thinking it through. Either way, your next step is to get a professional team of experts to help bring that vision to life – and we can help you do exactly that!

What happens first in the renovation process? 

The first step of the process is for one of our surveyors to visit you and to listen to your ideas. Whether you have architectural drawings in place and planning permission granted or you’re at the beginning of your architectural journey with nothing more than an idea. FMBD’s design service means we can manage your entire renovation – from gaining your planning permission to building and finishing the project. Find out more about how we turn an idea into designs below.

How do we calculate costs?

Once we have spoken to you about what you want, we will provide you with a full breakdown of the costs you can expect. We pride ourselves on our excellent documentation and have had feedback that this really gives us the edge over other build and design companies. We break down the costs into categories, allowing a clear understanding of what and where your money will be going for each element of the project. If you change your mind about what you’d like or your budget, the quote can be adjusted accordingly.

Drawing up the details 

Before you commit to the design process you will be able to see a range of previous quality builds by FMBD, giving you a feel for the type of work we do. We hope some of our previous projects might give you inspiration! But we’re also open to trying new things where possible. Once we’ve agreed what’s possible and what you’d like, an architect will make a visit to discuss and prepare your planning application. The initial designs will be sent to your appointed surveyor which you can also see for approval. Once the go-ahead is given, we will put in your application for planning permission.

Getting started with your project 

Once the necessary approvals have been granted, a start date for your build will be provided and we will help get everything ready. Once you have then confirmed the start date, a detailed timeline showing milestones and predicted finish will be created.

The renovation itself

The building stage of any project is often seen as the most stressful. This is where the best project management makes all the difference. With FMBD that is what you will get. Weekly updates on progress, regular chances for you to address any concerns you have, and to make sure everything is flowing correctly towards the build deadline. 

Why choose us? 

We have worked on 150+ projects over the years and have learned so much with each of the projects we’ve taken on. Let us bring your vision to life. Find out more about who we are and what we do. 

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